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Our work is at the crosway between design and craft and our vision is strongly influenced by all things that move and inspire us, hoping they will also inspire others. We grew up surrounded by creativity, along with an early obsession for playing with raw materials, geometric shapes and functional items. After being commited for years in interior and product design and creating a contemporary solid wood furniture studio we became more and more interested in details and smaller objects. Paul's workshop drove him to study deeper into the art of manipulating materials.

At Paul&JO we want to deliver contemporary design pieces always keeping in sight a sustainable process. Our jewelry and other pieces are designed to meet the modern person, always in movement but also wanting to remind every day to take the time to indulge and be kind to yourself.

Our products are meant for the style-conscious, independent persons who enjoy the effortless cool look or are in search of a bold and  different kind of elegance.

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